Grid of The Gods, Joseph P. Farrell, Part 3 with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show

Published on Aug 25, 2012

GeorgeAnn Hughes interviews Dr. Joseph P. Farrell about his book, “Grid of The Gods.” In Part 3, he discusses Quantum Mechanical principles found in ancient stone monuments at the strange Egyptian desert complex of Napta Playa; astrophysicist Thomas Brophy and his book, “The Origin Map,”; the Saggitaria Galaxy, Max Plank’s Constants and the Plank Length knowledge deduced at Napta Playa, the ancient global grid and the pyramid. He discusses ancient textual references to sophisticated technologies that might have been hidden on the Moon, Mars, Iapetus, or Titan after ancient The Cosmic War. He briefly mentions Dr. Paul LaViolette’s work on the non-random placement of pulsars in the Milky Way. Also, The Sirius Mystery by Robert Temple and its discussion of Dogon evidence that our cousins might have arrived from Sirius.

The interview dives into the possible mathematics of Creation, the fundamental differentiations that gives rise to reality and its relation to the Akashic record. He discusses the incredible manufacture of the oldest known building in the world at Pumapunku in Bolivia near Lake Titicaca. 

He speaks of texts that suggest a galactic human family, the physics of longitudinal waves that are acoustic in nature, the work of Nikolai Tesla and its interupption by J. P. Morgan, the Shumann cavity resonances and its relation to brain waves, Pacaul Jordan and the tenuous nature of the physical constants. 

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