PressTV 6-27-14… “The United States taken over by corporations: Journalist”

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anonymous_masked_people_at_white_houseReally? This journalist actually uses this title? Could we be indeed be living in a place that’s not a “country”, but a collection of “corporations”? And the government of THE USA is actually a corporation? Heavens!! (all of that is to be read with a high degree of sarcasm.)

Here’s evidence of that. Act of 1871 article 1, Act of 1871 article 2.

“The US is in a bad place right now, the US has been basically taken over by corporations, it’s a problem, it’s a big problem,” said Rob Kall, executive editor of

“Right now the US has a president who should be treated as a criminal and probably will be in the future,” Kall told Press TV on Thursday. “We need bottom-up, grassroots uprisings.”

Kall said America’s use of drone strikes to assassinate people overseas “is just adding to what’s becoming a long…

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