The “World as we Know It” comes to an end, July 14-16, 2014. Part 1/2… “BRICS emerging nations close to launching bank”

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brics_brick_1How do you build a new banking system, not connected to the Fed, the IMF, or the World Bank? Build it with BRICS.

This article is from May 30, but “The BRICS Event” is happening in July. In his last “comment on the Ben Fulford” article, David Wilcock wrote, “the BRICS bank goes fully online, ostensibly as of July 1st”, however it will apparently be “launched” at the BRICS summit, which runs from July 14-16. David also wrote this,

“Once the BRICS bank goes fully online…, the final stages are in place for mass arrests to occur. I do think the Cabal knows this, and this is why we are seeing these frantic last-minute moves to try to change the game… “

From the article below,

“The new bank would symbolize the growing influence of emerging economies in the global financial architecture long dominated by the United States…

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