A “Wow” Update from Neil Keenan Team 12-21-14… “Making History & New Beginnings”

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neil_keenan_group_k_header3_480_crop_15This appears to be a historic moment, where Neil K. and team go into the bunkers and view “The Hidden Gold” (apparently, from the last video, they are filming this in Japan, on November 22, 2014). As a gift from the Elders, Keenan team received a few boxes as reward for the work they have done.

The videos show, primarily, the “opening of one box” (the first box, I believe). My suggestion is to follow your Guidance how much of the box-opening videos to watch, but if you only have a few minutes, I’d suggest the first 5 minutes of Video 1 and the last 5 minutes of Video 3.

Videos are at the end of the post, but for those who want to get to them right away, here are links: Video 1Video 2Video 3


NEIL KEENAN UPDATE | Making History & New Beginnings


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