Office of Poofness 12-28-14… “Love is the Answer”… “It is over, so over and very much over… the time and the chimes are ringing in a new day for All”

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poofness_office_of_104There is no doubt that this Poof report lines up with what I’ve been sensing. “As Zap writes, IT IS WITH GREAT JOY THAT I SEE THE BEGINNING OF THE RELEASES TO OUR HUMANITY BY THE CHINESE FAMILY.” And this was evidenced with the Neil Keenan Team’s “Journey to the Golden Innards of Earth“. Zap backs this up as well.

I do feel (for myself at least) that it is very helpful at this moment to refrain from keeping one’s heels stuck in the ground regarding “Prosperity Program rollouts”, “currency revaluations of anything from Dinar to Zim to Dong to Schlong”, etc., etc. Especially ideas like, “well, dammit, where’s my money? I want it now!!” Or “Where’s my “free” money, so I can buy my Jaguar or Bentley or diamond-studded gold toilet bowl… dammit!!!” If you are currently not here to assist this planet in moving upwards…

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