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RT: EU better off with ‘helicopter checks’ not QE

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Published time: January 22, 2015 10:21

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The European Central Bank is expected to unveil a multibillion, if not trillion dollar, bond buying program, to save the troubled euro economy. One analyst suggests ‘easy money’ has failed in the past, and direct payment to people would be more effective.

In a bid to battle eurozone deflation, the European Central Bank is considering a massive cash injection into the bloc’s economy.

If the bank takes the aggressive step, it will announce a €1.1 trillion deal, or €50 billion in bond purchases per month through December 2016, according to two euro-area central bank officials, Bloomberg News reports. A milder €500 billion package was previously suggested.

READ MORE: 5 simple facts about US ‘easy money’

An alternative is put forward by financial analyst Ben Dyson who advocates that ‘helicopter’ money would better help…

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The Shell Game by Bank of America ; Ana v Bank of America

Mario Kenny

Published on Jan 5, 2015

The story of the three Notes.

Bank of America currently has in play, three distinct versions of a mortgage Note we signed back in 2005, with various California courts.

The first was submitted by BoA back in 2012 as “Proof of Claim” in our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This version purports to show one endorsement.
!. From the original “LENDER” Northern Pacific Mortgage Corporation (suspended by the SoS) to Countrywide Home Loans.

2. The second, again submitted as “Proof of Claim” in the same Bk. one year later in 2013. Shows three endorsements.
(a) The first endorsement, as described above.
(b) The second, C’wide Home Loans to C’wide Bank.
(c) The third, perhaps an allonge, C’wide Bank to Pay to the order of ____ .

The third version of the Note shows no endorsements and was submitted into evidence in our pending civil litigation against Bank…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 1-19-15… “Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance”

Kauilapele's Blog

benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_26Things are moving… Here’s some of the items I got from this. According to Ben, the cabal is in deep trouble now, and is being “attacked” on multiple fronts. And it appears we may be in the last stages, namely, “the mopping up stage with only a few isolated hold outs to take care of”.

“This [upcoming] Davos meeting is being called “A New Global Context” a name clearly meant to disassociate it with the fascist New World Order. In closed room sessions, Chinese government sources say Li will be discussing Chinese/Swiss financial integration… indicates… that the Swiss banking world… have joined the BRICS/UK/Pentagon alliance.

“…late last year Christine Lagarde, the French head of the IMF, issued an ultimatum to the people in Washington DC to either agree to IMF voting reform or the[n] they would go ahead in January without them. Then in January French President Francois Hollande called…

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Benjamin Fulford 1-19-15… “Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance”

Kauilapele's Blog

benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_25Things are moving …


Financial war coming to a head, Swiss join Pentagon/UK/BRICS alliance
Posted by benjamin, January 19, 2015

The radical plunge in the Euro last week against the Yen, the US dollar and especially the Swiss Franc is a clear indication the battle over control of the financial system, and the world, is coming to a climax. The Swiss move to decouple their Franc from the Euro came one week before an elite summit meeting in Davos, Switzerland is due to kick off with a keynote speech by China’s number 2 Li Keqiang. This is the first time the Chinese government has sent any one significant to Davos in 5 years. The speech will focus on China’s take on the international situation and will offer possible solutions to various international problems. This Davos meeting is being called “A New Global Context” a name clearly meant to disassociate…

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Red Ice Radio – Daniel Estulin – The Octopus Deception, WikiLeaks & Bilderberg

Published on 29 Apr 2013

CLUB BILDERBERG: The TRUE Story of the BILDERBERG Group – ft. Daniel Estulin & Alex Jones

Investigative journalist Daniel Estulin, who’s been researching the Bilderberg Group for more than 14 years, discussed the far-reaching influence the group wields in domestic and world affairs. Describing them as an “aristocracy of purpose,” the 130 or so individuals gather for a private meeting held once a year and hail mostly from the United States and Europe.

The Bilderbergers decide jointly on the best way to deal with the resources of the planet, and exert control over energy and money supplies, reported Estulin. The structure of the group is not pyramidal with one person at the top– it is “oval” with three groups of 13 people deciding the particular issues and participants in a given year, he added.

Ultimately, the Bilderbergers seek to destroy the US and world economies, so they can consolidate power, said Estulin, who advised people to take their investments out of banks and corporations and put their money in one’s local economies. Based on his study of the group, he has concluded that a war with Iran is “off the table,” oil will rise to $120 – $130 a barrel and Putin will not be “dislodged” from Russia.

Joining the conversation for the third hour, radio host Alex Jones spoke about a plan he said is backed by the Bilderbergers to reduce the planet’s population. He also noted that the “globalists” engineered the drop of the US dollar.


AFP’s Mark Anderson reports that he received an e-mail from a Grove Hotel employee, apparently confirming a UK-based Bilderberg meeting this coming June. Anderson writes:

“An email reply to AFP from a Grove staffer and a check of the hotel website’s calendar confirmed the hotel is booked solid June 5-9. The Bilderberg meeting itself, by all the latest indications, is to take place June 6-9. This updates a recent AFP report that stated England was likely the general meeting location but that the meeting would be held June 9-11. At the time, the hotel where the meeting was to be held was not yet known.”

Indeed. In recent weeks there have been several indications pointing to a probable UK Bilderberg meeting. As I recently reported, a call handler at the Hertfordshire constabulary confirmed that the Grove Hotel, both the surroundings and the Hotel itself will be cordoned off by the local Hertfordshire constabulary in a “security exercise”. The exercise, by the way, is planned exactly at the time that the Hotel, according to its employees, will accommodate a “high profile” international group- booking all 220 rooms. As Anderson notes in his article:

“The hotel’s location, some 18 miles outside of London, provides easy access to and from Heathrow Airport. Its rural setting is well suited for Bilderberg’s usual ring of armed security to keep pesky reporters and activists at bay.”

Thanks to many citizen-journalists probing the Hotel and local Hertfordshire constabulary it is also becoming obvious that an elite club will indeed descend on the area at the beginning of June. According to a recent vigilant posting on the Planet X website, an employee of the Grove Hotel has revealed that the hotel’s golf course is booked out by an “American Group” from June 6-9. The commenter, pretending to be interested to reserve the golf court, no booking is possible on those dates:

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The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire

Hidden From History


This site contains three works.

The primary work is The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire
It may be viewed online, in individual chapters.

All three works can also be downloaded separately as PDF files.

Individual Chapters of The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire

1)   The bestial view of Man: from Rome to Venice
2)   The Venetian Empire: before and after the Council of Florence
3)   The Giovani Revolution
4)   Sarpi’s Web
5)   Empiricism against the Renaissance
6)   The legal theorists of the oligarchical model
7)   The new Venice in Amsterdam
8)   Money, Speculation & Gambling
9)   The Anglo-Dutch Empire
10) The nature of the Beast
11) The Commonwealth in America
12) Richard Nixon’s treason: the post-1971 world

Downloads (PDF files)

The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire  (with bibliography, index, and appendices)

A Temple of Hope; A Beacon of Liberty

Yes! It Really is…

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