The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire

Hidden From History


This site contains three works.

The primary work is The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire
It may be viewed online, in individual chapters.

All three works can also be downloaded separately as PDF files.

Individual Chapters of The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire

1)   The bestial view of Man: from Rome to Venice
2)   The Venetian Empire: before and after the Council of Florence
3)   The Giovani Revolution
4)   Sarpi’s Web
5)   Empiricism against the Renaissance
6)   The legal theorists of the oligarchical model
7)   The new Venice in Amsterdam
8)   Money, Speculation & Gambling
9)   The Anglo-Dutch Empire
10) The nature of the Beast
11) The Commonwealth in America
12) Richard Nixon’s treason: the post-1971 world

Downloads (PDF files)

The Modern Anglo-Dutch Empire  (with bibliography, index, and appendices)

A Temple of Hope; A Beacon of Liberty

Yes! It Really is…

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