Published on 15 Mar 2015
As I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve been in constant communication with your Ambassador since April of last year. He and I have become quite good friends. I have been in total alignment with his goal of implementing 555 to overcome the financial tyranny of 666, which is nothing more than a human debt-slave system. To me, his war on ignorance begins with educating people about that system to empower them – us – to become truly free. He wanted those goals so badly that he was willing to put up his own funds to finance his vision of a better world. However, because his resources are not nearly as vast as your own, he felt the need to make the funds available as three-year loan’s. I saw this as Coca-Cola lite; and have been removed from the team. He often told me of your great wisdom. Can you not see that ending financial tyranny and the human debt-slave system begins by eliminating debt, not by creating new debtors? Many of us long for a new and better world; and I have looked, not to the corrupt West, but to the East, China and Russia especially, to lead the world in the human quest for freedom. Realizing that your culture places great stock in saving face, may I be so bold as to suggest that the best way you can save face is to help free humanity from the bonds of debt and ignorance.

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…..“The inner Reset means forgiveness of all debts, physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. It means forgiveness to yourself and others. It will consequentially mean financial debt forgiveness when a critical mass of people realizes that we owe banksters nothing. It will consequentially mean the end of karma when a critical mass of people realizes that we spiritually owe Archons, gurus or God nothing…
“On March 17th, at the last Uranus Pluto square, you can meditate in your own way and dedicate that day to forgive as much as possible and thus do an inner Reset.
“This marks the completion of this Window of Opportunity… no further Windows of Opportunity are needed to trigger the Event, although portal activations on certain dates may still be needed.
Since that day, we will actually be in one huge Window of Opportunity that will converge into the Event when the time is right… timeframe”…..


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