The House of Rothschild -The World’s Banker 1849-1999


By Niall Ferguson

Chapter 8: Jewish Questions

Gentlemen, if you do not give us your support, we will probably have to proscribe you … If you do support us, however, we will make you greater than the modest founder of your house, or indeed his proudest grandson, could ever have dreamt … we will make you great as we shall take our first elected prince from your house.

THEODOR HERTZL, “ADDRESS TO THE ROTHSCHILD FAMILY COUNCIL,” 1895The relationship between the Rothschilds and the wider Jewish communities of Europe remained in many ways unchanged in the time of the fourth generation. The aristocratic marriages described in the previous chapter were, it must be emphasized, the exceptions. Most Rothschilds still married other Jews. Indeed, the really significant change in the period was that those other Jews were no longer other Rothschilds. In the third generation there had only been three such…

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