LaRouche: Wall Street Is Hopelessly Bankrupt, Institute Glass Steagall Worldwide Immediately

LaRouche Irish Brigade

Lyndon LaRouche today issued an emergency call for the immediate instituting of Glass Steagall full bank separation worldwide—starting in the United States.

“As of now,” LaRouche declared, “Wall Street is plummeting to a general breakdown crisis.  It is already underway and it is unstoppable.  Wall Street is hopelessly bankrupt.  We must, therefore, mobilize in anticipation to force the United States Federal Government to stop that financial crash from bringing down the real economy and the nation with it.”

LaRouche demanded:  “We must preemptively close down Wall Street and force the issue back to the Presidential system.  That means immediately reconvening the US Congress to act on legislation already presented in both the House and the Senate to reinstate the FDR Glass Steagall bank separation, precisely as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did it in 1933.

“We have reached the point where the United States can no longer survive if we…

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