PEOPLE WAKE (Truth Newspaper) – SECRET SERVICES watch over us?

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Bekijk onderstaande video aandachtig en deel hem ook met vrienden en familie. Het is van het grootste belang dat mensen beseffen hoe de wereld echt in elkaar zit.

How is it possible that all these rapists, pedophiles, human traffickers, murderers, devil worshipers, terrorists, bankers, fraudulent europarlementariëres freely continue their actvities against sterile?

Listen to the revealing interview with Ronald Bernard B. Joyful which he talks openly about the ins and outs of the world of big money and the reason why he “crashed” when his conscience began to play. Click for the video (The world of big money: revelations from an insider).



Our whole lifestyle and care system is built on Satan’s foundation. The whole house of cards is collapsing with a purpose unlikely. So that the illumination (NEW WORLD ORDER) later may grasp hold of the world’s total power. There must occur before chaos, and then offer a solution to the population:

The dreaded RFID CHIP …

What is NOW the greatest danger that awaits us? A society without cash !!!!!!!

As Adolf Hitler be had swastika (the swastika), as the anti-Christ will have its insignia, a mark. Moreover, he wants to use it as a sign of fidelity. He will use it in its battle with the Christians.

People need food to live. For this reason he proclaims that no one may buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast on hand or forehead. The antichrist will say: “Whether you wear the mark or you can not buy or sell”. Those who do not bear the mark will be unable to buy or sell and will even be slain on the spot.

Today, bank cards with PIN and chippers have taken over a large part of the cash transactions. It is not hard to imagine that soon will disappear even cash. In the purse are many steps that can be replaced by more convenient single chip managed by a giant central computer. It keeps track of how much credit you have. But the chip serves as a social security number, registration of the license, registration and payment of travel by public transport, all kinds of cards and so on. The technique has long been that far. There can be stored on personal or career development, all from the cradle to the grave. The chip is nowadays so small that it can be inserted under the skin of the forehead.

If you are on earth during the Tribulation, think of this: under no circumstances take the mark of the beast. Because if one does do this, one loses it all the opportunity for salvation. The wear of the beast is the sin which is not forgive.

Read more about the dreaded RFID CHIP by clicking.

Our world and our future? The New World Order? Oh no? With one world army, one world religion and one world power that dominates the entire world population? Oh no? With CHIP in our hand? CASH and no more? Oh no?

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Do not you? Timely wake up, get up and trade …

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