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How Deep State Keynesian Central Banks Have Been Creating The Next Financial Crisis

Written in the summer of 1918, this first attempt by Wilson to define the league laid out his thinking on the new world order he sought to foster. Library Of Congress This same person coincidentally signed into practice in 1913 a foreign federal reserve displacing Capitalism With Keynesianism which was unconstitutional ~ where private international […]

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Sven Hulleman introduceert ‘gulden’; “straks heeft niemand meer euro’s op zak”</embed&gt;

Published on 6 Aug 2017

WeAreChange.NL interviewt Sven Hulleman van Stichting Restschuld Eerlijk Delen over zijn nieuwe initiatief dat gelanceerd wordt op Prinsjesdag 2017. Hulleman introduceert een alternatief waardesysteem voor de Euro met als doel om mensen die in de armoedeval gelopen zijn een perspectief te bieden. Wat is de basis van dit initiatief en hoe werkt het? Sven Hulleman legt uit.

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Complete B of Joy lecture 2016 with Eng Subs – De Blije B lezing


Published on 28 Jul 2017

‘Free and Joyful out of the crisis with a new Bank and Currency’. After this fascinating lecture you’re at risk seeing nothing as ‘business as usual’ anymore. This lecture shows why many people live in scarcity and dissatisfaction. With one’s own bank as B of Joy, citizens will be in control again. As it happens, we’re the only real value and change ourselves. Nobody else! This lecture offers a view on a healthy economy and a fair society. In short, real changes, prosperity and wellbeing for each participant. More info: