OPPT Is A Scam by Arthur & Fiona Cristian – 21st February 2013

OPPT Is A Scam – One Peoples Public Trust

By Arthur & Fiona Cristian
Love For Life
21st February 2013

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Anyone notice that MAN or man or Man, is not used anywhere in the OPPT Document.

Instead, they use “self”.

Can they please bring forward “self” to back their claims that “self” exists.

This is no different to “person” or “mind” or “strawman” or “ego” etc….


They are just a reflection, an image of our projection.

They are shadows of “illumined light” = “Intellectual Property”.

Notice the word “person” in Blacks Law Dictionary…..

SELF-DEFENCE = In criminal law. The protection of one’s person or property against some injury attempted by another. The right of such protection. An excuse for the use of force in resisting an attack on the person, and especially for killing an assailant.

Link: http://thelawdictionary.org/self-defense

They are dealing with legalese here.
They filed the documents that oversees legalese = commercial courts which are defined by (and not only) Blacks Law Dictionary.

Notice the word creator next to numeric codes…. UCC 1-308

“UCC 1-308, creator, experiencing by creation, knowingly, willingly, and intentionally manifesting self through, by, and between bondservant therefrom and any and all manifestations thereunder by Universal Contracts,…….”

This creator is enjoindered to “commercial contracts”…….

Now read carefully here:

Uniform Commercial Code


PART 1. GENERAL PROVISIONS [Table of Contents]

§ 1-103.

§ 1-103. Construction of [Uniform Commercial Code] to Promote its Purposes and Policies: Applicability of Supplemental Principles of Law.

(a) [The Uniform Commercial Code] must be liberally construed and applied to promote its underlying purposes and policies, which are: (1) to simplify, clarify, and modernize the law governing commercial transactions; (2) to permit the continued expansion of commercial practices through custom, usage, and agreement of the parties; and (3) to make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions.

(b) Unless displaced by the particular provisions of [the Uniform Commercial Code], the principles of law and equity, including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract, principal and agent, estoppel, fraud, misrepresentation, duress, coercion, mistake, bankruptcy, and other validating or invalidating cause supplement its provisions.

Link: http://www.law.cornell.edu/ucc/1/article1.htm


Money is the current(cy) (cy = see = sea) of the curse……..

[See Love For Life video embedded below:
The “Name” Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman
Identifying Your Slave Status In “The System

So the process of this OPPT document is the processing of a curse…..
the combining of MANS life-force-energy as the sea of the curse.

This is blatant black-magic of the worst kind.

Where are they directing all this accumulating Life-Force-Energy?????????

Watch the video – coming shortly.


Notice the words used frequently “universe” and “universal”

uni verse and uni verse all

They are clearly telling you what this is all about.

Please bring forward the “universe” and the “universal” to back your claims. It must be a 1st party to 1st party direct experience and not the re-presentation of “universe” and “universal” performed by a man acting as “self”. If so THIS IS FRAUD.

verse = story or his-story or her-story.

Universe means ONE-STORY
Universal means ONE-STORY FOR ALL

meaning there is no uniqueness/originality and that ALL are under the same story = one world government, one word religion………etc.

We say no more. Video coming ASAP. Love Arthur & Fiona Cristian


Friday 22nd February 2013


Today, the question was asked to Heather Tucci-Jarraf, OPPT Trustee, as to why the word “self” was used instead of MAN, Man, man, in the OPPT document/s: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/globalfactradio/2013/02/22/global-fact-radi…

Starts at 98 minutes 20 seconds.

This was her answer:

“Every word was chosen very specifically and essentially those attorneys who read those documents who knew exactly what was happening in their language, however the documents were meant to be read with the heart and not the mind as far as the people go”.

(note: it sounded like she was reading the answer from a script – was she briefed on this?):


She instead completely avoided it!

This was blatant gobbledygook talk no different to a politician who dribbles on and on without ever specifically answering the question.

Why does the dictionary exist?

What is the purpose of the Blacks Law dictionary?

Are they not used to clarify the exact meaning of a word to avoid misunderstandings/confusion, etc, down the-line?

If the writers are using words that ONLY the heart can know, does this not leave it open down-the-line for misunderstandings/wrong-interpretations to eventuate etc. The benefit of vagary leaves things open for abuse, manipulation, change of direction/tactics, etc, anytime down-the-line.


The dictionaries exist to make it CLEAR for all concerned so they know exactly and clearly where they stand with those who were/are behind the making of the OPPT document. WHAT A CLEVER COP OUT/ESCAPE CLAUSE. Watch out people you are ALL being tricked here.

AND. “Every word was chosen very specifically and essentially those attorneys who read those documents who knew exactly what was happening in their language” — GEEESSS, they are very important people, going out of their way to help us, to care for us in times of great need,….. they must be on our side…. WE BETTER TRUST THEM. they’ve gone to great trouble making sure everything is spot on!!!!!!!.. What a load of butter up bullshit.

And notice the wording “who knew exactly what was happening in their language”. implying they know exactly the intent behind the word “self”, but others must use their hearts to work it out. What a fob off.

And we LOL over this one “however the documents were meant to be read with the heart and not the mind as far as the people go”….. AS FAR AS THE PEOPLE GO…. implying as far away from truth as possible AND we want you to be con-fused which you will if you just trust us by following your heart… MEANING = BELIEF (believe in us, believe in our “spells”) and not look into the true meanings of these legalese words used……. it is up to you, of the people, to work things out if you can….

The word “Self” is tied to “Person”. Blacks Law makes this very clear. How much more clear does it have to be? “Here’s the lemon you ordered sir”… “No I never wanted that, I wanted an orange”,…. “No… you were not listening to your heart, the letters form the word orange but we meant lemon” !!!!!!!

Please go here to post your comments or read all the thread: The OPPT is a FRAUD, A LIE,
Refer to this discussion with Max Igan: https://www.facebook.com/arthurcristian/posts/168861396594454

Max Igan & The Fraud Of The OPPT
(One Peoples Public Trust)

Facebook Discussion With Arthur & Fiona Cristian
17th to 19th February 2013



Podcast: On this episode of CONSCIOUS LIVING, we are honored to have two guests: Heather Tucci-Jarraf, one of the trustees of The OPPT (The One People’s Public Trust) and Captain Deryl Zeleny of the Canadian Armed forces. Heather will discuss all aspects of the OPPT and how it can be used to benefit the people and answer any questions our listeners might have. Captain Deryl will brief us on the assignment he was given by his superiors and how it led him to the OPPT.

Listen to internet radio with GLOBAL FACT RADIO on Blog Talk Radio


The “Name” Is The Mark Of The Beast The Strawman
Identifying Your Slave Status In “The System”

By Arthur Cristian
Love For Life

5th February 2012

This is an explanation about the “name” we are given for our characters of “The System” which we use to contract with “The System” and the consequences (the sequence of the con) for renting that name. It is vital to comprehend how the name is used to bind us to “The System” and what we have to do to disassociate from the names of “The System” because, to co-create real freedom, truth, peace, joy, abundance and do no harm for all of life without causing loss of uniqueness and without the need for slaves and rulers successfully, we have to leave everything of “The System” behind. Any contracts we have with “The System” perpetuate “The System” and while “The System” exists, harm doing, chaos and destruction exist.

The “name” you are given as a slave (renter) of “The System” is what binds you to “The System”. This is the name on the birth certificate, citizenship papers, passport, Medicare card, bank cards and all other identification documents of “The System”. For example, when parents sign for the birth certificate, they have agreed for the State to take responsibility for the administration of the name of the baby but they have made a claim on that name and have agreed to take full-responsibility for the rental of the intellectual property that is the name of the baby so that they can perform business with “The System”, administered by the administrators of “The System”, and receive the benefits of “The System” for the name (the baby). In truth, no one owns the name but, in claiming it, we take on the responsibility for the business conducted under the name.

By claiming the name, we give those of “The System” the authority to make decisions on our names behalf because they administer the intellectual property of that name, which gives the impression that they are ruling over us. They do not see the living men, women and children, living co-creators that we really are, however, because they are only interested in the intellectual property of the name that we are renting and the benefits that “The System” is providing which they administer on behalf of the name.

continued here: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8255

OPPT & Slavery Through Intellectual Conscription By Deceit
Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life
27th February 2013 onwards…..
Part One: http://youtu.be/Qjp_9nlrBao

Part Two: http://youtu.be/tbybeOWZ-Bc

Part Three: http://youtu.be/yOWoxH-HbVw

Part Four: coming

The Cristian Family November 2006

The Continuation Of The Max Igan Saga


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